Natamycin was formally approved by FDA as a food preservative in 1982

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It was formally approved by FDA as a food preservative in 1982, so far Natamycin has been approved as a food preservative in about 60 countries and regions from all over the world. According to the statistics, in China the total production output of Nisin reached 300Mt in 2014.With the rapid development of the downstream industries, the markets demand of Natamycin will continually increase. Due to the continually increasing demand of biological preservatives consumption in the developed countries in Europe and America, and rapid and stable development of China Food Industries, the markets demands of Natamycin has been growing in recent years. The current production capacities will not meet the markets demands gradually, so that it is predicted that the manufacturing and sales of Natamycin will keep growing in the next few years.

Ql.What certificates could you supply for this product?

We have certificates of ISO9001, HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER, and we could also supply you other documents like TDS, MSDS, free sale certificate, Non-GMO certificate, Allergen free declaration, etc. Health Certificate, Quality Certificate, etc. issued by CIQ are also available.

Q2.Could you supply free samples for the testing of the quality?

Yes, we strongly suggest customers test the quality first before placing an order. Samples are free for you. We are confident of our quality and quality is our culture.

Q3.What is the Min. Of Quantity?


Q4.What are the packages of this product?

Inner packages are PE bottles or PE bags, outer packages are cartons or paper drums. We have various sizes for your choice. For detailed information, please feel free to inquire us.

Q5.What is the transportation and storage conditions of this product?

Nisin does not require any special environment conditions(temperature, moisture)during transportation. Stored in a, dark place in its original closed packing.

Q6.What is the shelf life of this product?

The shelf life of our nisin is 24 months. Fully refund in case of any quality problem during the whole shelf life.

Q7.How long is the delivery time?

Within 7days after receiving the payment, usually 3-7days.

Q8.Could we visit the factory?

You are welcome to visit our factory. You could contact us for the specific reception matters.

Q9.Could you supply technical support for any question during our usage?

Yes, we have a team of technicians and could service you with technical and academic support. We could also share the usage experience of our old customers with you.

QlO.What is the payment terms?

We accept all legal payment terms like T/T, Western Union, Paypal and Trade Assurance

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